Anna the teddy bear

Religion is a taste and sound.

For all you swedes reading this, looking forward to the traditional ‘‘all biblical holiday smörgåsbord’’ does not qualify as being religious, it’s more of a culinary thing. No, I mean religious as visiting a church or equal holy place at least once a month …

I guess the better part of you answers “no”. Fine … Could you quote something, or several phrases from the holy book used in your country? Like (freely translated): “The one without sin shall throw the first rock”, “Turn the other cheek”, “Those who live by the sword, shall die by the sword”. Of course you could, ever thought why?

Part two. Could you quote a verse from a song that you very seldom listen to? Fine, good going. “We all live in a yellow submarine”, “On a cold and grey Chicago mornin’…. In the ghetto”, “Tryggare kan ingen vara, än guds lilla barnaskara” … Why do they stick in your head when there’s way better music that you listen to every day?

So, my point … Even though we don’t interact with Jesus, or Elvis, or the Beatles that often, their ‘‘slogans’’ are thoroughly etched in our minds. The same goes for a lot of movies, games and sports. The common denominator is that those phrases are strongly connected to emotions, and/or embedded in emotional situations. An emotional situation could be your perception of a happy childhood where you heard your parents play the Beatles while they cooked what is now your favorite dish (by the way, your mother is dead, so you got an even stronger connection to that dish, and therefore the Beatles).

We’re exposed to church songs in very emotional settings, weddings, baptizing’s etc. and therefore we strongly connect those songs (even outside of church) with great feelings … I lost my one and only teddy bear named Virgin listening to Rammstein at 2 o’clock a Saturday night … She was a little furry, as teddy bears was back in the day. Losing something as dear as a teddy bear is very emotional and worth remembering, so of course, Rammstein has a strong emotional attachment to me … So, whatever commercial that sounds a little as Rammstein gets my undivided attention.

Your brand could probably hold its own very well, my point is that you could mutually benefit if you dare to mix it up with an external part, how does the melody of your brand sound? What’s the “Yippi kay ey” of your brand? What music do you connect to your teddy bear?
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