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Executive Report

Where did you attend ‘‘boss-school’’?

When debating leadership, or how to be a good boss, there tend to be a miss-conception that there are several (completely) different ways yo...

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Real AI, real robots, real convergence, nah, not 2019

Traditionally, the first issue of the year should set the agenda for the upcoming year. So … Make a wild guess… Will the robots finally take...

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 Is it a human, is it a robot?... Nah, it´s just Superman…

Automation through AI, arguments of sustainability, more personalized customer journeys. Of course, Executive e-report catches on and delive...

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Janus was Janus, his role more important than his gender

Could men be feminist? Is one of the oddest questions that yet has aplace in the day to day conversations. If feminist still means that wo...

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Grown-ups believing in Santa

Merry Christmas and a thousand happy new years, a lot of hugs and wishings of wellbeing through­out the end of the year, but only then, noth...

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So many new things, so little time to act

Have you automated the top 5 most common tasks in your organization yet? Are your AI plans presented to the board of directors yet? Are you ...

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