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How much AI is responsibly drinking on a Tuesday morning

Do you know the “the Turing test”? (There’s an article on that named “Do we need a better north star for AI than the Turing test?” Initially...

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Ideas flavored with crazy are best served right now

There are a couple of very interesting articles just around the corner from here … The piece on “on hold” music or information is interesti...

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No more marvels, no more dreams!

I just woke up to a horrifying insight … I will probably never travel in a hovercraft accompanied by Thor (the god of thunder) on a flourish...

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Think outside of the headline

As always, I’m doing my best to improve myself into the best and updated version of date. Well, everyone does, whether you recognize it or n...

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Anna the teddy bear

Religion is a taste and sound. For all you swedes reading this, looking forward to the traditional ‘‘all biblical holiday smörgåsbord’’ doe...

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The privilege of idiot staff

Are you working in a sales-organization, or are you close to one? I myself have been in sales for the better part of my life, and today I ...

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