Don't show me the money

Does your organization handle money? Do you want to keep that money? Or at least make it hard for someone to steal them? Probably … You don’t necessarily have to be an ultra commercial retailer to be part of the monetary chain that runs through everything. Everything is literally EVERY­THING (start thinking in terms of municipalities, producing industry etc. cause’ that’s where the point will be made quite soon) … There’s money worth stealing everywhere.
If there’s a way in somewhere in your organization, that’s theoretically enough to do harm. Even though your base of operations aren’t connected to a visible and outright cashflow, there’s always money somewhere within your walls … Somewhere. If you don’t think so, you probably don’t protect them either, since there’s nothing to protect … Theoretically … Thieves won’t come to visit your empty house even though the back-window is open … But thieves will come, cause there’s always money everywhere, and this is something the thieves know. Do you know where your money is? Do you know WHERE to protect?


What's faster:

Converting a stolen Swedish krona into a £ into € into $ into an untraceable Bitcoin


Converting Whatever currency into any other currency, in physical bills and/orcoins?

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