et eu spectaculum

(Chips och skådespel översatt genom Google, syftningen pekar på romarnas sätt att ha en icke ifrågasättande befolkning så länge som de kunde hållas mätta och roade).
Marketing principles will always stay fairly the same as long as it targets the human brain. You know what I use to say, we´re still cavepeople, as we were 5000 years ago, at least the brainy part with us that host our instincts. Perhaps, some day in the not too far future, there will be some sort of (probably illegal) electro-vibe-marketing, targeting the microchip installed under our skin, but that day is yet to come.

What chip?

Just like putting an id-chip in the ear of your cat, putting a chip under human skin holding information on id, insurances and financial info is drawing closer to reality. Not too scary or “Matrixy (the film) really. The principle is basically that what you had in your wallet, later in your phone-case, later in your bank-id-app, is now under your skin, never to be lost or stolen…..
The technique is available today, but of course, there´s a steep mountain of legal and compliance issues to be resolved. Eventually the day will come that is both sunny and rainy when this technique is reality somewhere in the world. The thing is, that the technique in itself isn´t that spectacular, the spectacular part is when someone hacks your chip (the chip contains some transponder/receive-tech. so there are ways in and out). So, money or other harm done will be compensated by the tech-supplier, probably tour bank, but what about marketing directly targeting your chip instead of you, and of course your cave-brain.

How does it work, wouldn´t that be unethical?

Have you heard about Internet of Things (ioT), and the self-supplying refrigerator? When you´re running low on some grocery, let´s say eggs … The refrigerator sends a message to your phone that holds a list of things to buy, the list sort eggs as something edible, and forwards it to your groceries to buy list at your grocer. Once a week the grocery-list is sent to the store, they pack your bag and deliver it to your door the next day. All without human interference … This is connected to some sort of cash-less payment, that happens to be in a chip, in your arm, that doesn´t consult your brain before making purchase decisions … The benefits of this time saving supply-chain are plentiful, but what happens when your chip gets hacked, and you start receiving North-Korean action figures, already prepaid through weeks of microtransactions that´s gone unnoticed …

Unethical? The definition of ethics and morality has been redefined more than once throughout time, and by the time your chip is installed we will certainly hold a little less strict definition of “so called” ethics … See, you already accept the “” of the term … Anyone heard of the Chinese e-shop “Wish” … Say no more …

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