Grown-ups believing in Santa

Merry Christmas and a thousand happy new years, a lot of hugs and wishings of wellbeing through­out the end of the year, but only then, nothing more. This is what the staff at Executive Reports wish: you, you're colleagues, potential customers, non-potential customers, and of course people that are totally out of our radar …
You're special to us, and of course, equally special as everyone else that happen to receive this message in any shape or form ...
So, does your brand wish everything to everyone? Do you paint everything in red for Christmas (and pink for Valentines, yellow for easter etc.) Do you do the same as everyone else because your clients get offended if you don't? Or, because your clients really enjoys that message from your brand as much as they enjoy the same exact message from your competitors and every other business.
Is your brand the same faceless Christmascard screaming out routinely generated messages to everyone and every-no-one? Do you treat your customers/partners as if they believe in Santa in the same way they did when they were kids? Or are they perhaps susceptible to something new, fresher Christmas routine?
If so, you might as well pass, and put your efforts elsewhere. This is the era of personalization, where following traditions of the masses=not caring … (Every massconsuming Millenial has set the agenda, sorry on their behalf …)
This is important! A mass-sending of a hollow messages sent does more damage than good, since most receivers won't read it, only register the spam-factor of it. Much like snow, everyone gets it, but only the skiers and skaters enjoys it, still, everyone has to pay for the snowploughs ...
But Coke (a'Cola) does it! Massadvertising in red that is!
Yes, they do, but they own the color, they own the routine, they own the expectations … When Coke does it, it's unique … You get it!
So, before you spraypaint every registered receiver in your mailclient with Merry Christmas and happy new-years in red, think of why you do it. Who expects you to do it? Who wants you to do it? What results do expect from it? Is this where you really ought to put your time?
So, after a rant like this there's no way I could wish you anything merry or happy new ..
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