Hasta la vista baby, you won't visit the future… right now

Today we´ve got the tech to do Matrix/Terminator stuff without having to deal with a terminator coming through a time-portal. Great…… Finally, the future is here. Perhaps we could invent a “Helpinator” to better benefit our needs, terminators tend to work in ways that are not compliant with current security standards……

This could have been a time of rejoice, if it weren´t for GDPR gunning down a large portion of technical evolution…..

The rise of AI (machines) couldn´t have come less appropriate, since we´ve got GDPR coming into force in about a month, ruining all the fun with automated data collection, automated application of repetitive tasks, and all other problems that AI eradicates. 

That´s really what it is, GDPR is a blanket that inhibits evolution for the moment. Of course, it won´t take long before we learn to live with it, but it comes at a really bad time, when tech innovators are doing a lot of progress, that for once is “touchable” and understandable to the common man as well, but it will periodically slow down while we adapt and find ways to invent under this new jurisdiction.

So, for the moment, congratulations U.S, Russia and China. Europe is pulling out of the race to invent the first Helpinator…. On the other hand, we won´t be bothered by hyper-targeted advertising on Facebook, but I guess that´s a weak comfort…..

Let us hear from you and your work towards compliance, perhaps we could give you some space within the Executive report frame to guide the rest of our readers.

Hasta la vista!

Editor in chief
Johan Lennström
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