Is it a human, is it a robot?... Nah, it´s just Superman…

Automation through AI, arguments of sustainability, more personalized customer journeys.
Of course, Executive e-report catches on and delivers all you need to know about modern marketing and business, whether it’s the automated tech side of mass marketing, or the personal message delivered through a representative of flesh and bone.
Before doing some self-analysis, I firmly believed that I belonged to a conservative crowd, demanding (stubbornly not trusting technology) human contact through business processes. On the contrary, my most rememberable shopping sprees, and wanted products finally found have been through automated e-commerce machineries...

So, every business mustn’t strive towards automation, nor striving to personalize …
I’ll give you an example:
The knitted Christmas sweater I bought was presented to me through FB/Instagram, it’s a superhero theme, Marvel, sweater, all three parameters that I’ve shown interest in on stand alone searches/occasions. I was exposed to similar category sweaters from different shops and finally choose one and ordered. If the sweater hadn’t found me, I wouldn’t have found that specific sweater.
#Automation #AI #Algorithm

Several beers that I’ve bought throughout the year are limited releases, hard to come by. Mexicake by Tempest brewery, Cuvée van der Kaizer by Het Anker (blue) or Curmudgeons better half by Founder brewery to name a few. Those are in the market of “Early bird gets the worm” and need no real marketing since the target group more or less is waiting for them to arrive, and are thankful if they’re able to buy before they run out of stock. Since it’s alcohol there’s no real targeted marketing. The purchase-process is fully automated though… But, if there is a problem somewhere down the road, there.s ALWAYS a personal customer service which gives you a sense of exclusiveness… #Automated #Premium #PremiumButAutomated #RobotsNeverHaveABadDay

Me and the family has moved twice this year. We’ve used the services of two different real-estate brokers, that of course has a little piece of digitalized marketing, but nothing automated, which is the issue here. Those transactions has been more or less manual throughout the whole process. Had the chain been automated somewhere, it would have lost it’s culture and sense of regulating for the sake of safety. The real-estate business could automate a whole lot, easily, but, as said, they would lose a lot of safety-feeling, which is the purpose you hire a broker.
#Personalization #RobotsCan’tBeCharmed

Whatever business you’re into, automation and martech only get’s as smart and useful as the person behind the steeringwheel. Automation could be achieved with the customers onboard and happy, aware of the advantages it brings. As well as it could come as a total chock to some customers that their personal data or order is processed out of human control. Humans accept almost everything as long as we’re aware of the framework and rules, then we think we’re in control, and that’s were the whole thing about automation starts and ends.
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