Janus was Janus, his role more important than his gender

Could men be feminist? Is one of the oddest questions that yet has aplace in the day to day conversations. If feminist still means that women shallbe equal to men in all rights, then it´s hard to argue why everyone´s not afeminist. There shouldn´t be a name for it really, since it´s that obvious in amodern context. But, then of course, if something is broke, you diagnose it andput a name and a label on it.

Just like the word “survivor” implies that you had a near deathexperience, but survived, and now that´s your label, even though you keep awhole lot of other qualities, where the fact that you “survived” is completelyirrelevant.

So, January Executive m-report brings articles on the upsides of gendermixed workplaces. Not for the sake of childish fairness, but for the sake ofall the advantages you get by mixing it up. Did you know that business led byfemale CEO´s perform better in innovation? Not only underlined by one survey,but by several. You find more further into this report. Industrial companiesgain benefits from having female factory-workers, who in majority becomerole-models and leaders on the factory floor, mitigating typical undesirablemale behavior.

As usual there´s a whole lot on the fine details of being a good leaderand boss. Small details often create bigger waves than we tend to recognize,goes both ways. A lot of details comes from our sense of right or wrong, andhow much a right or a wrong really weighs in the eyes of ourcolleagues/employees. The root is our perception of ethics, read more furtherinto the report.

Did you know that January derives from the roman god “Janus”, who hadtwo faces? One face gazed into the new (year) and the other looked back, henceJanus naming the first month of the year. The faces of Janus could be found indoorways, one face looking out, the other in. Quite complex string of thoughtsfor an ancient creed. To the romans, the gender of their gods had littledifference, there was greater importance what they could to for you…..

We´ll hear again soon.


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