Nah… Let´s go analogue instead…

So, just when we thought we said everything and enough on the term “digitalization” there´s a new twist to it.
Backup …
When everything is digital, the backup ought to be digital as well, right …  And, in this thought-experiment, digital is vulnerable, otherwise it wouldn´t have to be backed up, but if the back-up is digital as well, what sense does it make?
The key in future security-issues could take a lot of turns before a paradigm is set, and the “best practice” is set as default rule.
I tend to describe things in similes, so here comes a couple of similar examples from other theoretical scenarios.
When the car was invented, people didn´t stop going by train (when digital was invented, analogue wasn´t replaced altogether), what happened was that the “railway-crossing” was invented. To flirt with the point I soon will be making, the railway-crossing is the only place where cars and trains risk to collide, i.e where someone outside your organization has a chance to crash his car onto your railway.
Speaking of cars. When you exceed the speed-limit on the road you have travelled a thousand times, the most probable scenario to get you a speeding-ticket is when you pass a speeding-camera. Of-course there could be physical police on the road, but that’s too unlikely to construct a routine around.
The thing is, if we keep everything digital it could always get hurt in a digital way. A boxer could always hurt you in a boxing-match, but if he was a chess-player, he could not.
So, if you put your most important digital in an analogue place, digital wouldn´t be able to hurt it. Get it? The term “digital” could be an enabler, and a threat depending on what you´re purposes are and on which arena you put it.
But what analogue place could fit something digital? What is an analogue place? It doesn´t add up ... Memory-sticks, portable harddrives are digital “helpers” but when you take them offline, they´re as invincible to digital attacks as a zombie is to voices of reason.
The thing is, it shouldn´t be connected to the digital universe. That´s the only way to fully protect something digital, to not let it connect to other “digital”. You should always keep a treasure-vault with your most imperative data somewhere where a digital thief couldn´t touch it, and it doesn´t have to be Fort Knox, just somewhere that´s not monitored on some kind of ”net”.
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