No more marvels, no more dreams!

I just woke up to a horrifying insight …
I will probably never travel in a hovercraft accompanied by Thor (the god of thunder) on a flourishing green planet far away, nor will I be part of a government covert operation infusing me with godlike hulkish strength. I will never find some sort of plasma rifle left behind from some extra-terrestrial conflict fought on earth, and to be more exact, fought in Avesta (where I live) … probably….
I say “probably” cause I don´t want to give up on my dreams totally, but after watching the last Avengers movie, most of those dreams are dead and buried….The latest Avengers film puts a definitive end to a 22 film-series that have had nuclear(ish) impact on my dreams for the better part of the latter 10 years.

I’m 43 years old, and my dreams are inspired by fictional superheroes … And worse, when the superheroes are no longer around, what am I going to replace them with?


Ok, perhaps a little, but look at it this way; fictional perspectives are the norm, don’t we keep more dreams than actual memories … Dreams are good, dreams make everything a little easier, dreams makes us a little nicer to everyone around us. We seldom look at ourselves as who we are, but rather who we want to be, who we dream of being …

All those pink cloudy words on dreams, buzzwordy perhaps, but still a lot of truth to that statement. Dreams are essential to our personas, an important piece in the neuroscience aspect of everything, and especially to group dynamics. Dreams create how we portray ourselves to different people, and how those same people in reverse treat the portray we´ve put on.

On the subject, spring is (in our minds) the time for new beginnings, an opportunity to do things right, an opportunity to upgrade yourself to the best version yet. Still, all those feelings are the products of our minds, they’re dreams …
Wait a minute, am I talking myself into actively searching out new fiction to create new dreams?

Do you allow yourself to dream?
Do you encourage your team to dream?

There’s an article on how being outside of your comfort zone makes your brain more receptable to news and creativity, I really think that is a key to our productivity and longevity within transforming organizations. And speaking of transformation, you´ll find a whole lot on that topic as well.
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