Real AI, real robots, real convergence, nah, not 2019

Traditionally, the first issue of the year should set the agenda for the upcoming year. So … Make a wild guess… Will the robots finally take over? Will everything and everyone be hyperconverged through AWS?
Of course, and of course not. Todays speculations in what 2019 and beyond will look like, takes different turns considering how you interpret the meaning of the topics discussed.

What’s a “robot” to you?
What’s your definition of AI?
When is “hyperconvergeance” achieved?
When do Amazon put forth their own candidate for president in the U.S?

So much is up in the air, depending on how literally you read the articles. My personal opinion is that REAL AI won’t exist for the coming five years, minimum, which means that AI shouldn´t be such a hot topic as of today. But when everyone calls the common algorithm AI, then AI is something new that sets the agenda.

Speaking of AI, the robots … The common person identifies the word “robot” as something/someone that eventually will make them obsolete in the workforce. The common perception of a robot is somewhat resembling a human made of steel, with the same, but better attributes than us. While some people identify a robot as a machine operating by human pre-programmed threads of code.

What’s for sure 2019 is that the human side of IT will get more space. The common denominator for most articles in this issue mentions the aspect of onboarding everyone in the organization in IT projects, such as digitalization. As soon as someone within the organization don’t follow IT procedure, then hyperconvergence and digitalization fails, therefore everyone need to be convinced why digital in most cases is better than analogue … and act accordingly.

2019 will be the year when IT will be thoroughly explained for everyone and therefore streamlining through digitalization will give great benefits for every part of the organization.

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