So many new things, so little time to act

Have you automated the top 5 most common tasks in your organization yet? Are your AI plans presented to the board of directors yet? Are you desperately searching for ways to implement blockchain tech somewhere in your task-chains … Anywhere … Where does it fit?
You could probably tick every box with YES, since those are the most important issues for an IT executive to keep up do date with … Seriously … You could tick the YES box (perhaps with the exception of the blockchain box). AI is really the latest buzzword for “automation”, and automation is a slightly older buzzword for “programmatic”. Programmatic is the prerequisite, and in a way the equivalent to the meaning of “IT”.
Artificial intelligence means that there is an automated response to an action. The response triggers yet another action, that triggers yet another response, on and on and on … until the isolated chain of programmatic commands comes to the point where human hands or soft decision-skills (legal reasons only) must take over.
Ever played Pac-Man? The yellow dot consumes a white dot, generates and accumulates points in top left corner, when reached 1,000 points, generate red cherry, if yellow dot consumes red cherry, ghost flashes 15 seconds, yellow dot consumes flashing ghost, generates extra points, accumulate to scored points in top left corner.
Of-course, this is not the computer “thinking”, it’s the computer carrying out the orders it’s been programmed to do by it’s master “human”. A programmed sequence is by all means automated, and this is artificial intelligence … You probably knew that already, but it´s easy to get swept away when you get force-fed with the same message over and over again as if the message is news …
Where here again, buzzwords …The reason there is a word like “buzzword”, is that there are new words, not new functions to any of the new words. If it looks like a … and it walks like a … It is a …
No matter what you call the wrapped gift you give away on the 24 of December, it’s still a Christmas present, unless it’s a birthday present of course, but it probably isn’t. There you go, AI is a buzzword, sorry for stuffing this number of Executive report with so many articles using the “word”.
That’s my cynical and fun resenting way of wishing you a nice holiday.
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