The last ninja that shout at the devil should be forever young

Last issue we concluded that summer has been good, and this is going to be at great second half of 2018. Great, polite jargon done, now back to business. Ninjas are a Japanese thing, and in the Japanese theology there's no concept of the traditional devil, so, why are ninjas shouting at make belief devils to stay forever young? (I know, all “devils” are make believe). Well, all eyes on me … I´m 42 years old, quite the typical consumer, both as a private consumer and as a b2b purchaser.
When I grew up in the 80´s, or rather, when my preferences were molded in my susceptible
teenage 80´s. The generally most popular song was “forever young” by Alphaville, the most popular videogame (computer-game) was “the last ninja" by System3, and finally, the more specifically popular song among my peers was “Shout at the devil” by Mötley Crüe. (Don´t dare to spell without the dots …)
Forever young, the last ninja, shout at the devil = Johan Lennström
If you should try to grab my attention, and perhaps sell something or influence me in some way, would you consider mentioning Mötley Crüe, Forever young or The last ninja, if you knew their status in my mind? Of course you would! They´re words that means we share common ground, they´re words of “trust”.
Everyone´s got special pressure points that opens up the way straight to the right side of the brain, the one that acts on instincts and doesn´t ask twice before committing to something, the key is to find those “trusted” words. You don´t have to look very far to find the education to know specific trustwords, about 85% are tied to the culture of the generation when the prospect was a teenager.
The trusted words are so powerful that the recipient don´t find reason to forward the message to the more cynic left part of the brain (which is a consequent nej-sayer, you don´t want to end up in there, then you´re doomed …).
Everyone´s got those trusted words, the trick is to figure out what you´re specific buyer personas listen to. This, of course would take an enormous amount of data-gathering, so much that it would make the endeavor loose profits and meaning. If there is something like an educated guess, I´d say that you should trust your own instincts and biases, and most important, stick to them. If you got the trust from your organization to handle marketing and/or sales, you´re probably fit to do some educated guessing. To guess that a 42 years old male would relate to Alphaville, Mötley Crüe and Last ninja isn´t that hard. Use your own and your colleagues educated guesses to pinpoint what you together use as truths, of course you shouldn´t abandon research, because … educated guesses aren´t guesses if the person is educated enough …
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