Think outside of the headline

As always, I’m doing my best to improve myself into the best and updated version of date. Well, everyone does, whether you recognize it or not … But there is a certain threshold where specific training doesn’t improve that specifically conceived skill. When Zlatan was the leading scorer (Inter, Italian serie A) in 2008-2009 you thought there wasn’t any technical skill to improve to be an even better scorer, and there probably wasn’t. When he once again was the top scorer three years later, which skill was improved? Right foot? Left foot? Heading? No, he had practiced teamwork, not really what you expect from an egocentric striker… But, there was a threshold in how many goals pure technique could generate. To pass that threshold, other skills were needed to improve the technique skills. If you don’t know “Peters law”, google it, it makes perfect sense here.

An IT function could only survive so much time before something more than logical tech-skills are needed. As with Zlatan, you got the world of tech and thoroughly outlined strategy at your hands, but to achieve excellence there are a couple of tablespoons of some special sauce needed. Don’t get me wrong, the step before excellence is probably perfectly good, but to get that stand-out function you’ll have to add something, really anything as long as it isn’t more of the same. Read the article on giving your employees special assignments or special projects, that’s what’ll do it.

While you’re at it, read “What keeps CMO’s up at night”, you got quite much in common. Perhaps it’s sometime in the marketing-department that will make you shine … Dressing in someone else’s clothes or glasses or how the analogy goes is really rewarding. Behold yourself from outside and you’ll learn a whole lot to draw benefits from, and once again, not more of the same, more of what others bring or what you could see in others …
What about the headline? “Think outside of the headline”, doesn’t really mean anything, and that’s the whole point. In a report that’s supposed to be packed with facts and meaning, “no meaning” makes perfect sense … “No meaning” makes the already existing meaning mean so much more …
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