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So, we’ve finally arrived into an era which resembles what the “Live aid” concerts were striving for in the 80 ’s … No hunger, no famine, perhaps a couple of wars raging somewhere, but as soon as you look away from your digital gadgets we’re back to peace, and the consumption loop that we’re all too familiar with. Everything’s perfect, at least for all what our subconscious is concerned …

The point I will try to prove, or at least make us aware of is that virtually everything we interact with is customized to make us feel safe and protected. At first, that’s a good thing, but there’s more to it. You know the feeling; where you drive your car there are no accidents, where you shop there’s no credit-card fraud, in your municipality there’s no corruption …

We’re pretty safe and secure (no reason to look away from the colorful tv). This notion of always being secure and protected leads us to seldom question results or comments by fellow people, and this is when it gets crucial. If we don’t question comments or answers by coworkers where does that that put you as a person in charge who probably report to someone yourself.

Ask your colleague when he or she will have a specific task ready, and you will probably get the answer “soon” in 9/10 times. This is a fulfilling answer … as long as you know exactly how many weeks, days or hours that “soon” really means. Short after you got that answer your accountant asks you for the financial midterm report (where the “soon” to come numbers will be applied), (my point coming now) do you yourself say “coming soon”, or do you blindly trust that the task your colleague will complete “soon” will be 100% as you think, so that you could report the result right now even though it isn’t officially a result just yet? Dilemma …

You get the point, a small and casual “soon” just takes the time to drink a cup of coffee to become an ethical or even worse, a real problem. The new standard in your organization should of course be to give more specific answers, that are way easier to transform into real results.

Executive m-report gives you articles on how to act ethical. It really has larger implications than what you could imagine, based on measured results of-course. Further, there’s an interesting article on the importance of results rather than vague comments.

I’m currently very fascinated by the mechanism behind personal change. My mind knows what benefits I will experience, if I only get something less likeable done (in a world where everything is designed to like), then how do I do to do the less likeable every time it has to be done, to get the best results? Read the article “How to actually start the task you’ve been avoiding”. For me, this mindset has transformed 15 kg of body overweight into approximately 5 kg of muscle, accompanied by a whole lot of other benefits. Teach your mind not to listen to the body!?
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