Welcome to our new… Consultant (sheriff)

The closer we get to Christmas, the closer we get, or at least, I get to my feelings. Therefor this issue of Executive IT-report contains articles touching the softer sides of the role as an IT manager, whether you´re CIO, CTO or an IT manager in any shape or form. IT will always come with a pricetag, and all of a sudden the tech is economics, and economics is the art of prioritizing, and prioritizing is all out a soft/subjective skill that is tightly connected to you´re feelings (whatever that means).

In order to be aligned with your long term plan/budget, here´s some thoughts:
  • Could you kill your legacy software, platform, erp?
  • Could you kill your consultant account, and hire new in-house talent?
  • Could you……. kill your legacy staff (that came out wrong, but you get the point)?

Speaking of staff, is your current staff aligned with your long term plan? Is your legacy-staff cloud adaptable, are they “hybrid” enough to stay valuable legacy staff within three years? Do you work strictly project-bound and hire expertise by the minute, or would you benefit from keeping it in-house all the time?
It would be unethical for me to push it further, or recommend suppliers, but, you know…
Recruit, outsource, retrain?
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